Birthday party

Celebrate with us!


Release the work and celebrate! In our premises in the center of Mainz children and adults can celebrate their birthday with friends and be creative.

Ceramic painting is a kid's game. You'll get some instructions and there's allways someone there to help you. The glaze are food safe, nontoxic and washable! The molded stoneware blanks are also non-toxic and porous in the unfired state, thus no cutting edges and the glazes adhere well.

We have for Birthdays a selection of bowls, plates and mugs. The cost per painted piece is about 11 Euros.

Kids are always welcome. From 12 years your little ones can even stay alone with us in Mal-Werk and thereby do something useful and creative.

For the very smallest there is also the chance to preserve the hand and foot print on the ceramic.

Our experienced in dealing with children staff will assist you, and give you tips on how even the smallest painters can apply the right technique.

Birthday's selection 11 Euros

Mal-werk mobile

Celebrate at home!

  • Groups from at least 6 Persons
  • 11 Euro pre painted piece (selection: Plates, Mugs, bowls)
  • do you require more blue? more pink? naturalcolos? or a mix? please let us know :)
  • Collect your artwork after approx. 5 Days
  • delivery service: 15 Euro (+potentially km flat charge at a greater distance)


Without our support

We will give you twice the ceramic amount, so the children have a choice!


You'll get:

Ceramic, color, brushes, stencils, palette, sponges, ceramic samples... everything you need!


Please notify us three days before, so we can prepare everything for you!


 With our support

Home visits can currently be offered  from monday to friday. Weekend events are unfortunately excluded.


Servicecharge for 8-25 Guests, 45 Euro

Servicecharge for 25 guests or more, 60 Euros/ 2 helpers



Mainz, 5 Euros

Surrounding area, 10 Euros

Km flat charge, -.30 Cents


We consider a period from 2 Hours. Each additional 1/4 Hour costs 4 Euros.


We bring the necessary Material! and take the painted pottery back to fire.


Montag - Sonntag

10:00 bis 18:30 Uhr


10:00 bis 20:30 Uhr

Nov / Dez (täglich)

10:00 bis 19:00/20:30 Uhr

wir erlauben uns ab 19:00 zu schliessen, falls keiner mehr malt...


Bitte reservieren vor allem am Wochenende :)


06131 14 33 966

Weißliliengasse 10

55116 Mainz

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