Please call in advance in order to make a reservation.

There's unfortunately  no courses on weekends and holidays.

Potter course:

Price:    42 Euros (Students 38 Euros)

takes about 2 - 3 Hours

It includes: 3 Kg Clay

First brand (900 °C)

Color and glaze

Glaze brand (1000 °C)

(For artworks bigger than 30 cm, or more clay-consumption, Is the price negotiable)


The Pottery needs at least 2 weeks to dry in order to be burnable, after this brand you can paint it and take it home.



Price: 4 Euros each Hour

1 Kg Clay            1 €

1 Kg First brand  5 €

Color and glaze, after the first brand you can paint your Pottery or let us to put a glaze on it, the price depends on the artwork.

(A mug or a bowl costs approximately 8 - 10 Euros)


Please let us know how many hours are you going to stay.

Burning service

we can do the biscuit firing at 900 °C for you.

You should estimate at least 2 - 3 weeks


Montag - Sonntag

10:00 bis 18:30 Uhr


10:00 bis 20:30 Uhr

Nov / Dez (täglich)

10:00 bis 20:30 Uhr


bitte reservieren vor allem am Wochenende :)


06131 14 33 966


Weißliliengasse 10

55116 Mainz

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